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Members of the Official Jury of the Third Edition of the Sex Education Festival

Neus Ballús

Neus Ballús

Neus Ballús is a film director and screenwriter. Her first feature film, La plaga (2013), had its international premiere at the 63rd Berlinale (Forum) and was nominated for the European Film Awards, the Goya Awards and the LUX Awards of the European Parliament. The film won four Gaudí Awards, as well as more than 20 international awards. Her second feature film, El viaje de Marta (2019), premiered again at the Berlinale (Panorama) and was screened in theaters in France and Spain. Graduated  in Audiovisual Communication and a Master’s in Creative Documentary from Pompeu Fabra University, she has also filmed short films such as L’avi de la càmera (2005) and Immersió (2009).

Lionel S. Delgado

Sociologist and philosopher. Disseminator and workshop leader on masculinities and gender. He runs the Masculinity in Demolition blog for the newspaper El Salto and the Twitch program “Tropezar es de Hombres”. He co-created the podcast “Esas Cosas del Follar” about relationships, gender and sexuality. Activist in No Monogamies, he participates in various media talking about relationships, society, politics and feminism.


Júlia Collignon

Júlia Collignon Simó is a sociologist specializing in gender at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He works at the Actuavallès association training and accompanying young people around sexualities. She is co-author of the book “Diversex. Sexual Education Guide for professionals in the socio-educational field”. It also carries out projects to promote sexual health through STI tests.

Cecilia Ce

Psychologist, clinical sexologist, writer and communicator, Lic. Cecilia Ce is dedicated to patient care, research and dissemination of sexological content. With more than a million followers on her Instagram account, she shares information with direct language, scientific knowledge and a touch of humor. She published her three books by the hand of Editorial Planeta: Sexo ATR, Carnaval toda la vida and Vinculear. She was a columnist for important radio programs and the newspaper Infobae. She is the author of “Beer & Sex Night” a show that combines sex, science and humor that has been on the billboard for four years. In 2019 she gave her TEDx talk “The Equation of Sex”. She was the winner of the 2021 Lola Mora Prize for her work in “Scientific Dissemination” and she participated as a speaker at the International Forum on Sex Education in Digital Media in Istanbul 2020, from UNESCO. In January 2023, she launched Radio Tanga, her first podcast where she answers sexological questions with scientific and accessible information.


Cecilia Ce