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Sex Education Festival Introduction

Sex Education Festival has been created out of the need to promote the importance of safe sexual development and healthy attitudes towards sex, especially for teenagers. 

The idea came up one day amongst a group of friends, all professionals in different fields, such as cinema, communication, education and sexuality, all wanting to express their concerns with the lack of sex education within society. Their idea – to express sexual education and how it shapes society, in a creative way through cinematographic art.

The main objective of this short film festival is to educate on the importance of human sexuality, in addition to offering society a unique opportunity to meet and enjoy opinions about free sexuality, diversity and commitment.

Sex Education Festival Team

Who’s Organising The Festival

The team of festival organisers is made up of Iván Albacete, a professional in the field of education, with experience in directing a short film festival thanks to his Green Planet Barcelona festival of which he is the founder, and Nadia Gumà, a professional in the field of communications, with experience in the field of sexuality, and is the founder of NaturLove.
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Iván Albacete


Nadia Gumà

Welcome To Sex Education Festival


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Welcome To Sex Education Festival

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