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Members of the Official Jury of the Second Edition of the Sex Education Festival

Cristina Callao

Psychologist, specialized in Clinical Sexology, Sexual Education and Couples Therapy. In addition, she is certified as a Sex-Coach by the AETS (Spanish Association of Sexual Therapy and Sex Coaching).
She is the author of the book Enchanted to meet me, a book that talks about taboos in sex and about the importance of feeling comfortable, safe, and enjoying our sexuality to the fullest.

Caye Casas

Caye Casas has directed and written the short films, NADA S.A. and RIP, which have won more than 200 awards around the world and selections at more than 500 festivals.
All these awards allowed him to make his first feature KILL GOD produced by Alhena Production; premiered at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival, achieving something that no one had ever achieved before in the 50 years of the competition, winning the Grand Audience Award with his feature film and the award for best short film with RIP. That was the beginning of a fruitful tour of festivals with his film, with more than 30 awards, being nominated for the Méliès d’Argent for best European fantasy and horror film or being considered the best independent Spanish film of 2018. .
He is currently preparing several projects that are in the development phase and writing his first novel NADA S.A., based on the short of the same title.

Dani de la Orden

Dani de la Orden is a Spanish filmmaker, born in 1989, in Barcelona, Spain. In his youth he showed interest in cinema and studied at the Higher School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia, at the same time that he began to work in the medium, specifically in advertising with the company Garage Films, where he worked in several commercials and commercials. television. Shortly after graduating, in 2013 and at the age of only 22, Dani managed to direct, with the support of family and friends, his first feature film: the romantic comedy Barcelona, Noche de Verano (2013), which was successful enough for a sequel. , also created by de la Orden, Barcelona, winter night (2015). The director is also known for films such as The Best Summer of My Life (2020), Until the Wedding Do Us Part (2020), Loco por Ella (2021) and the Elite series (2018-2019), among other projects.

Alba Povedano

Graduated in Psychology from the Rovira i Virgili University and specialized in sexual and affective education thanks to a two-year master’s degree in “Clinical Sexology and Sexual Health”. Currently, she is training in integrative therapy.
In addition, she has taken different complementary courses on emotional management, gender awareness and training, TREC therapy (rational emotional and behavioral therapy) and counseling in human sexuality, among others. She is dedicated to conducting workshops on sexuality and affectivity with a gender perspective and always from an open, nonjudgmental and feminist perspective, in addition to accompanying people in their process of sexual growth and / or couples therapy.
She is responsible for the sex education and sexuality outreach workshops at the Amantis (Gracia) erotic toy store.
She and lastly, she also collaborates in the television program “Sexual Revolution” of 8tv.

Isabella Magdala

Psychologist and Sexologist currently doing a doctoral thesis on female genital perception.
Vulva photographer. She is the author of the books “Your Vagina Speaks” and “The Mysteries of the Feminine for Men and Women” with the Urano publishing house and “Authentic Relationships” with the Ekeka publishing house. She collaborates in articles for “La Vanguardia”, “El Mundo”, “Cosmopolitan”.
She is the leader and mentor of the “Infinite Love” team made up of more than 4,000 users and distributors of essential oils worldwide. She is a weekly collaborator as a psychologist and sexologist on 7TV Andalucía in the program “Siente El Puerto” and Radio Nostalgia FM in the program “Tarta de Fresa”.